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At Focus Property Management, client satisfaction isn't just a desired outcome, it's fundamental to our business model. We rely on long-term client relationships and positive word-of-mouth, so we invest in exceptional service the way most other companies invest in marketing and advertising.

As a result, our service quality is unrivalled in the property management industry.

In fact, we're so confident in the quality of our client service, that we guarantee it. If, at any time, we fail to deliver the standard of service we promise, we'll give you the next three months' property management absolutely free!

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Property Management Client Service Guide

1. Careful tenant selection 
Thanks to detailed screening, Tenancy Database checks and stringent interview procedures, we consistently identify and place quality tenants, thereby maximising rental return and minimising investor risk.

2. Expert lease negotiation
As specialist property managers, we have a great deal of experience and confidence in negotiating the best possible rent for our clients (in many cases, where other property managers / agents have been unable to do so). We specialise in assessment of Sydney’s residential rental market, and all lease negotiations are based on expert analysis of market conditions, comparable property rents, vacancy factors, general condition of the property, tenant quality and the length of tenancy.

3. Timely proactive communication
We place the highest priority on proactive communication with our clients. When we get a tenant vacate notice, you’ll be notified by phone and email, within 24 hours. And you’ll receive a copy of our planned ad, at the same time. While your property is available for lease, we’ll be in touch with you at least twice a week. We’ll call to discuss potential tenants, and when one is selected, we’ll email you their details within 48 hours. We’ll contact you to confirm the old tenant has vacated and provide a Property Condition Report (including photos where applicable). If bond deductions are required, you’ll know. If maintenance is required, you’ll know exactly what work needs to be carried out, before it’s done. Within 48 hours of your new tenant moving in, you’ll receive a copy of the Residential Tenancy Agreement. Additionally, we’ll contact you twice a year to discuss rent reviews and to give you a detailed Property Assessment, including photos and maintenance schedule. We’ll even contact you if we feel there’s something unusual on your monthly statement, perhaps with a view to withholding payment of certain expenses to ensure your cashflow isn’t affected and you can still meet mandatory expenses like your mortgage repayments.

4. Effective marketing
In order to attract precisely ‘the right’ tenant at precisely the right time, our advertising includes high profile Internet campaigns, complete with professional photography (min 4 photos + floor plans where available), and newspaper if required. We also reach prospective tenants through our internal database and alert system, and through our contacts with relocation companies. What’s more, we conduct unlimited private viewings six days a week and regular hosted Open House inspections.

5. Full rent arrears management
We have sophisticated systems in place to minimise arrears. Thanks to our BPAY payment facility, tenants can pay their rent online and even create an ongoing schedule of payments (‘set-and-forget’). And we closely monitor the payment status of all tenants who pay manually, following up with phone, SMS, email and/or letter reminders the moment a payment becomes overdue.

6. Cashflow management
Cashflow is exceedingly important to any property investor. So we do our utmost to help you manage yours. If your property incurs unexpected expenses that will cut too deeply into your cashflow for the month, we’ll call you to discuss before paying the month’s outgoings. We may suggest withholding payment of some expenses, so you can still meet your mortgage repayments and other mandatory expenses. In fact, we can insulate you from the ups and downs of your property’s expenses, altogether. Instead of deducting your actual expenses, each month, we can deduct a monthly average. Then you get the same payment from us each month. Some months our estimate might be too low, other months, too high, but over the course of the year, it generally covers your expenses with a bit to spare. When this is the case, we refund you the excess in a lump sum at the end of the financial year.


7. Inspections & maintenance
The condition of your property is critical to its earning potential. At commencement and completion of every tenancy, and at regular intervals during tenancy, we inspect your property and provide you with a detailed Property Assessment, including photos (where applicable) and a schedule of routine maintenance. Importantly, maintenance incorporates preventative maintenance, not just repairs. As your property managers, we organise and coordinate everything, and we engage only licensed contractors from our stable of trusted, responsive providers. Of course, you’re updated at every step along the way, and everything’s detailed on your monthly statement.

8. Comprehensive financial reporting
As a Focus client, you’ll receive a Monthly Statement, emailed on the last day of each month. You’ll also receive an Annual Income and Expenditure Report for taxation purposes. Prepared on June 30 and immediately available in electronic format (hard copy sent within 10 working days), this report is fully consolidated with all tax invoices for costs incurred. These reports will save you hundreds of dollars each year in accounting fees, and we supplement this saving by liaising with your accountant, if requested, regarding your end of financial year figures, at no additional cost. And at any time, you can sign in to your secure online account and view all your financial statements and reports.

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